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The Week That Was with Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther 2016/02/12, 00:50
The Week That Was with Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther

<br> Te Radar and Elizabeth Easther wrap up the week that was.<br><br>

Sports commentator Brendan Telfer 2016/02/12, 00:30
Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

<br> Brendan previews the NZ v Australia Cricket test and Lydia Ko playing back in NZ.<br><br>

Music reviewer Grant Smithies 2016/02/12, 00:10
Music reviewer Grant Smithies

<br> Grant Smithies showcases songs by three international acts performing here over the next three weeks: American "riot grrrl" punk trio Sleater-Kinney, Jamaican rhythm legends Sly and Robbie, and Melbourne indie pop darlings, Twerps.<br><br>

Book Review: Lady in the Van by Alan Bennett 2016/02/11, 23:40
Book Review: Lady in the Van by Alan Bennett

<br> Lady in the Van by Alan Bennett, Reviewed by Tilly Lloyd. Profile Books Allen & Unwin, paperback. RRP: $19.00.<br><br>

Amy Cuddy - body language 2016/02/11, 23:10
Amy Cuddy - body language

<br> Amy Cuddy is a Harvard Business School social psychologist who studies how non-verbal behaviour and snap judgements affect people from the classroom to the boardroom. Her TED talk, 'Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are' has been immensely popular, attracting more than 31 million views since 2012. Her recent book, Presence - talks about bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges. Amy Cuddy says our body language not only affects how other people see us, but also it may change how we see ourselves. At Harvard, Amy teaches MBA, executive education, and doctoral courses on power & influence, leadership, and decision-making.<br><br>

Asia correspondent Charlotte Glennie 2016/02/11, 22:50
Asia correspondent Charlotte Glennie

<br> Asia Correspondent Charlotte Glennie who says a bloody brawl in in Hong Kong this week took everyone by surprise - including police.<br><br>

Vets under pressure 2016/02/11, 22:35
Vets under pressure

<br> The Veterinarian Association says it's aware that it's members are vulnerable to stress and pressure and says the profession has a high suicide rate. It says rural vets as well as their city counterparts report significant levels of stress. The Association is working with the Vet Council on initiatives to improve the wellbeing of members. Association President Caroline Robertson says her organisation is also providing more mentoring for graduate vets starting out.<br><br>

The discovery of gravitiational waves 2016/02/11, 22:28
The discovery of gravitiational waves

<br> Renowned mathematician Roy Kerr who in 1963 solved Einstein's equations for black holes on the detection of gravitational waves which proves spinning black holes exist.<br><br>

Pilots insist random drug and alcohol testing ineffective 2016/02/11, 22:08
Pilots insist random drug and alcohol testing ineffective

<br> Random testing for alcohol and drugs Random testing for alcohol and drugs will become compulsory in 2017 in the commercial aviation and maritime industries, but the Airline Pilots Association says there is little evidence that will make flying safer.The Association's medical officer Herwin Bongers says random testing is just part of the picture of dealing with pilots who may have a problem with drinking or drugs.<br><br>

Viewing with Lara Strongman 2016/02/11, 00:50
Viewing with Lara Strongman

<br> Lara Strongman watches the new NZ observational documentary series The Big Ward, and the filthy (but hilarious) British sitcom Catastrophe.<br><br>