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  • Spreading the Word of God
    This channel is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission that Jesus Christ gave us to Preach the gospel to every creature and that is paraphrasing it. We do this for free and make no money for ...
    Last updated: 38 hours ago
  • Coffee And A Book
    Podcast that talks with Christian authors about their faith and their work while drinking coffee.
    Last updated: 3 days ago
  • Church 2060
    The western church has been in decline for decades. Church 2060 examines why. This podcast is about the church, where we've been, what we've learned, and where we are going.Hosted by Mike ...
    Last updated: 6 days ago
  • the MIGHTY WARRIORS podcast
    The MIGHTY WARRIORS podcast is a podcast dedicated to inspire and encourage you to experience a deeper intimacy with God and to be transformed by His word in your everyday ...
    Last updated: 13 days ago
  • Vaughn and Clay All Day
    Real people. Real stories. Real GOD. Two guys who've been redeemed by Jesus. Documenting what God is doing in Omaha and globally. Want to share your story? Have any topics you want us to discuss? ...
    Last updated: 37 hours ago