Forever Break

Forever Break

Hailed as the "world's best lifestyle & travel podcast" by 3 people who were paid $5, this is arguably the most highly anticipated new podcast of the year.

Glean insightful lifestyle and travel advice mixed with hilarious, irreverent stories from our hosts, Lianne & Corey. They will connect you with fascinating expert guests, new destinations, useful products, and add a little of humor to your day.

Season 1 is holding nothing back, delving deep into the theme of mindfulness. We've brought together world-renowned experts in a range of topics including self-love, meditation, relationships, epigenetics, personality types, and more. Lianne & Corey will take you on a journey to discover innovative ways to bring mindfulness into your life and discover the real you.

Trailer: Season 1 2020/05/09, 10:48
Trailer: Season 1

<br> <p>Get a delicious taste of what the juicy new Forever Break podcast is all about.</p><br><br><p>Meet your hilarious hosts, Lianne &#38; Corey, who will guide you on a journey of the mind with questions like... </p><br><br><p>What exactly is mindfulness? </p><br><br><p>And why should I care?</p><br><br><p>Subscribe right now to find out if Lianne &#38; Corey will come back for the rest of Season 1 on 26 May 2020.</p><br>