I write, curate with my oldest son, and am the lead-follower of I have a beautiful wife, three kids, and as it's turning out, an intense and interesting life.

I'll be starting Season Two of the podcast on Friday, 3/27/20. Throughout this season I'll be talking about and wrestling with some of the more difficult topics I could be talking about and wrestling with: Atheism, Racism, Scapegoating, Sin, Grief and Lament, Love and working through it all in the middle of being human. This season will also be marked by the ongoing corona virus. Sheesh, what a crazy time for everyone.

In case you are wondering, Season Uno was dedicated to helping people know how it is I'm arriving at the kinds of ideas that led to my former denomination uninviting me from their tradition. It's also where I introduced my latest book which was #1 in Kindle Best Seller for a couple of weeks (but now is like 8,000 or something!) It's called, "Questions About Sexuality that got Me Uninvited from My Denomination." I've also authored... "Where Was God on the Worst Day of My Life," and "Death, Hope, & the Laughter of God: How God keeps finding me in the unlikeliest places."

I know, long titles.

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