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Knit Spirit

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Talking About Books 2011/01/21, 21:40
Talking About Books

In particular talking about A Biblical Walk Through the Mass, which explains the Catholic mass and focuses on the changes coming soon, and Rooms, which is kind of Christian mystery fiction and is lots of fun.<br>I also talk about my knitting padawan, Janice, and bemoan the loss of Remnants.<br><br> addthis_url = [...]

Hannukah 2010/12/07, 05:06

In this  episode I talk about Hannukah and make fun of latkes.<br>The crochet club I mention is here.<br><br> addthis_url = '';<br> addthis_title = 'Hannukah';<br> addthis_pub = '';<br><br>

Free Will 2010/10/23, 00:31
Free Will

I&#8217;m back. Here I talk about The Grand Design and argue for the existence of free will by looking at emergent behavior, or situations where you cannot find the existence of the whole by studying the parts, as seen in projects like boids.<br><br> addthis_url = '';<br> addthis_title = 'Free+Will';<br> [...]

10 Ways scrap yarn can help with home repair 2010/06/11, 23:06
10 Ways scrap yarn can help with home repair

In this episode I give ten ways to use scrap yarn to help with home repair. Also, this video might be of interest to the small business/etsy store owners.<br><br><br> addthis_url = '';<br> addthis_title = '10+Ways+scrap+yarn+can+help+with+home+repair';<br> addthis_pub = '';<br><br>

Spinning 2010/05/24, 22:09

Chatting about spinning on the wheel and spindle.<br><br> addthis_url = '';<br> addthis_title = 'Spinning';<br> addthis_pub = '';<br><br>

Many ways to add beads 2010/05/15, 00:31
Many ways to add beads

Beads and cleaning fleece and being loved by the lord.<br><br> addthis_url = '';<br> addthis_title = 'Many+ways+to+add+beads';<br> addthis_pub = '';<br><br>

Talking about Techniques 2010/05/08, 04:57
Talking about Techniques

In this episode, I talk about how a gift from a friend led me to learn how to skirt an alpaca fleece, how Travelling Woman defied me twice, and defied the only aftermath lifeline I know, and how Sweater Quest is probably going to lead me to do some double knitting soon (yes, you can [...]

The Wicked Son 2010/03/26, 22:27
The Wicked Son

In this episode I try to give a 21st century answer to the wicked son.<br><br> addthis_url = '';<br> addthis_title = 'The+Wicked+Son';<br> addthis_pub = '';<br><br>

More about lace 2010/02/05, 23:29
More about lace

I talk about lace and how it relates to faith.  I promised a link to Evenstar.<br><br> addthis_url = '';<br> addthis_title = 'More+about+lace';<br> addthis_pub = '';<br><br>

Casting on for lace 2010/01/24, 20:11
Casting on for lace

<br><br> addthis_url = '';<br> addthis_title = 'Casting+on+for+lace';<br> addthis_pub = '';<br><br>