The podcast about knitting by Marie Irshad

KnitCast 33 - Lee Meredith 2010/10/01, 23:33
KnitCast 33 - Lee Meredith

MLee Meredith of Leethal Knits tells me about any gauge knits, why you should make a game of your knitting and trying to make a wedding dress over 24 hours. Read the Show Notes at, email<br>

KnitCast 32 - Mags Kandis 2010/08/01, 23:33
KnitCast 32 - Mags Kandis

Mags Kandis tells me about her new book and why she loves making stuff, especially gifts that come from the heart. Win a copy of her new book at Read the Show Notes at, email<br>

KnitCast 29 - Lucinda Guy 2010/05/01, 23:33
KnitCast 29 - Lucinda Guy

Lucinda Guy tells me about her new book Northern Knits. Plus colourwork, folk art, ancient knitting techniques and Vivienne Westwood's socks. Read the Show Notes at, email

KnitCast 26 - Rachael Herron 2010/03/01, 21:33
KnitCast 26 - Rachael Herron

Writer Rachael Herron tells me "How To Knit a Love Song". We talk writing, knitting, blogging and also reminisce. Get the show notes from for more information.

KnitCast - Update 2010 2010/02/24, 21:33
KnitCast - Update 2010

KnitCast Returns in March 2010! Go to for more information.

KnitCast - Update 2007/06/08, 23:33
KnitCast - Update

The return of KnitCast!

KnitCast 25 - Shannon Okey 2006/08/14, 23:33
KnitCast 25 - Shannon Okey

The long delayed interview with Shannon Okey author of Knitgrrl 2. And go to to find out how you could win a copy of Knitgrrl 2!.

KnitCast 24 - Toronto 2006/05/09, 23:24
KnitCast 24 - Toronto

KnitCast goes to Toronto where I met up with Amy Singer, editor of Knitty, and Denny McMillian, knitter extraordinaire and employee of The Naked Sheep.

KnitCast 23 - Ann Budd 2006/03/12, 21:24
KnitCast 23 - Ann Budd

I meet Ann Budd, former editor of Interweave Knits and talk about her projects, Grand Plan patterns, and KnitScene magazine.

KnitCast 22 - First Birthday! 2006/02/15, 21:24
KnitCast 22 - First Birthday!

<br>Yes, a year ago today I posted the very first edition of KnitCast! and to celebrate that first show I assmbled a group of knitting podcasters to talk about podcasting! We recorded it last month and here is the final result!<br><br>Thanks to Brenda, Daniela, Caroline, Rhonda and Whit for giving up part of their Saturday for me!