Sleep Hygienics

Sleep Hygienics

Music for the unconscious. Sounds for sleep.

New Electric Fauna - Ep. 10 2020/03/01, 19:32
New Electric Fauna - Ep. 10

<p>Sleep Hygienics - Episode 10 - New Electric Fauna explores generative analog synthesis through a biological lens. Polyphonic analog tides rise and fall on a planet not unlike our own, an analog heartbeat forms in the void, and the croaks and caws of new species can be heard as they create their place in the universe. &#160;Hope you enjoy.</p><br>

Granular Vistas - Ep. 9 2020/02/09, 00:17
Granular Vistas - Ep. 9

Colonists strewn across the galaxy, their directives long lost to time; their folk songs echoing across granular vistas, the only containers that remain.<br>Sleep Hygienics Ep. 9 - Granular Vistas features heavy granular processing of Appalachian Dulcimer and voice resulting in an interestingly alien folk derivative.<br>

Dissonant Orbit - Ep. 8 2020/01/01, 20:48
Dissonant Orbit - Ep. 8

Celestial events draw attention to the clockwork of the universe. Every trip around the sun is a reminder of our own transience. Melodies collide in this lo-fi analog synth piece; an improvisation for a new Earth year, this recording is left unedited, a reminder to move forward. <br>

Transmission Intercept - Ep. 7 2019/12/07, 10:23
Transmission Intercept - Ep. 7

Terrestrial communications whispering through a basecamp radio, never to be fully received. The diligent little oil heater, ticking away in the corner, staving off the icy cosmos.<br>Sleep Hygienics - Episode 7 - “Transmission Intercept” made use of the Elektron Digitakt's eight sample tracks to emulate the experience of playing a multitrack cassette loop. Eight highly modulated iterations of the same drone fall in and out of time, their volume pots played manually by the artist. <br>

Wagering Samples - Ep.6 2019/10/07, 01:05
Wagering Samples - Ep.6

Sleep Hygienics Episode 6 "Wagering Samples" is a slow generative grind from start to finish. Two stereo FM piano samples, some granular synthesis, and a whole host of effects underscore an evening scene that’s not to be missed. These are the sounds of back alley sample markets in the seedy underbellies of forgotten moons.<br>

Terraformer's Suite Pt. 2 Dusk - Ep. 5 2019/09/20, 12:17
Terraformer's Suite Pt. 2 Dusk - Ep. 5

Last week we introduced the first installment in our ‘Terraformer's Suite' mini-series, 'Dawn'. This week we continue with the second act 'Dusk' a variation on the previously established Roland Juno 106 and Space Echo RE-150 themes. These are the sounds of a distant sun settling behind ancient rock formations, reverberating across kilometers of irrigation channels. Please enjoy.<br>

Terraformer's Suite Pt. 1 Dawn - Ep. 4 2019/09/14, 07:58
Terraformer's Suite Pt. 1 Dawn - Ep. 4

Back from a short holiday hiatus to bring you the first half of a new mini-series 'Terraformer's Suite'. In this track the Roland Juno 106 sings a morning meditation across a newly born landscape, a Roland Space Echo RE-150 filling out the slowly warming atmosphere at twilight. <br>

Bells at Dusk - Ep. 3 2019/06/03, 04:00
Bells at Dusk - Ep. 3

<p>Sleep Hygienics Episode 3 "Bells at Dusk" is a slowly churning tapestry of FM bell sounds, analog square waves, and whispery vector explorations for your enjoyment.</p><br>

Analogous Storm Season - Ep. 2 2019/05/26, 01:04
Analogous Storm Season - Ep. 2

Sleep Hygienics Episode 2 "Analogous Storm Season"  - Slow random filter modulations on square, sub, and noise oscillators summon a distant electrical storm in this analog drone piece.<br>

Generative Lava Flows A & B - Ep. 1 2019/05/22, 02:52
Generative Lava Flows A & B - Ep. 1

<p>Two variations on a theme, Sleep Hygienics <em>Episode 1</em><em><strong> </strong></em><em>"Generative Lava Flows A &#38; B"</em> explores generative composition, sampling, and FM synthesis.&#160;</p><br>