The ddk show

The ddk show

I'm Daniel "ddk" Kapadia, a professional esports commentator. I work primarily in counter-strike and I have been involved in esports for almost 2 decades. In this podcast, I aim to discuss all the nuances of esports from: game analysis, professional level play, the ecosystem and much more.

You can find me on twitter and IG for show updates: @ddkesports

#012: Valorant - First Thoughts 2020/04/04, 02:14
#012: Valorant - First Thoughts

<p>In this podcast I talk about Valorant! I had an opportunity to play the beta and I wanted to give you guys some of my initial thoughts. They are all positive. This game is polished, fun, and a high skill ceiling. I don't think there's a world where this game isn't very successful; Riot has done so much right with this, I hope it sends a message to other developers looking to get into the FPS esports space!</p>

#011: Ropz 2020/03/06, 23:35
#011: Ropz

<p>In this episode I talk with Ropz of mousesports. His backstory is an unusual one, from a kid in Estonia accused of cheating and then a mere year later he became one of the most recognizable professionals in the top scene. We chat about his career, his teammates past and current, his history, his performance and more. </p>

#010: STYKO - From support to carry 2020/02/24, 21:02
#010: STYKO - From support to carry

<p>In this episode, I sat down with STYKO. He is most known for his results with 2017-2018 Mousesports, (STYKO, ropz, oskar, chrisJ and sunNy) a team that frequented finals and playoff stages at the biggest tournaments. I talk to him about the process he's undergone to reinvent himself, going from a support player to a star carry, and how he finds consistency in his performances.</p>

#009: AMA performance with ddk 2020/02/15, 20:45
#009: AMA performance with ddk

<p>Hi guys, for this weeks episode I answered questions on performance that I received on twitter. I hope you enjoy it!</p>

#008: AMA with ddk #1 2020/02/06, 01:24
#008: AMA with ddk #1

<p>Hey guys, on twitter I asked for some questions for my first podcast AMA episode. If you want to see more of these, let me know!</p> <p>My next solo episode will include me answering questions from you, the listeners, on performance.</p>

#007: Joshua "steel" Nissan - Can't keep me down 2020/02/01, 21:08
#007: Joshua "steel" Nissan - Can't keep me down

<p>In this episode I talk to steel. He was mixed up in the IBP match fixing scandal in 2015 and is unable to play any Valve sponsored tournaments, since. We talk about his history, managing in the wake of the IBP scandal, his goals, bringing up talent and much more. </p> <p> </p>

#006: Jared Tendler - The Mental Game 2020/01/21, 18:35
#006: Jared Tendler - The Mental Game

<p>Jared Tendler is a highly accomplished sports psychologist that has worked with elite poker players, golfers, traders and now esports athletes. We know him for his work with TeamLiquid and he is held in high esteem by everyone I've spoken with who has worked with him including ELiGE, zews, etc. In this podcast I try to hit as many topics as I can think of in the sports psychology realm as it's such a rare privilege to speak to someone with so much knowledge and practical expertise in this field. Check out where you can attain free copies in audiobook form of Jared's best selling books on the mental game of poker-- and believe me, these ideas apply to CS as well.  Enjoy!</p>

#005: Karrigan - In Game Leader of Mousesports 2020/01/14, 05:27
#005: Karrigan - In Game Leader of Mousesports

<p>Karrigan is one of the most prolific leaders of our time. What he's been able to achieve puts him in a class of his own entirely in CS:GO history. Building multiple teams to the levels of success, especially considering that they have been international, that he has achieved, is nothing short of remarkable. In this interview we talk about this journey, TSM, Faze and mousesports. I also try to gain some insight into how Karrigan prepares for teams and what it's like to lead at the very top level.</p> <p>If you enjoy this interview please consider leaving 5 stars on apple podcast, subscribe on youtube, follow me on twitter and check out Thank you for your continued support, it means everything.</p>

#004: Coach Taylor Johnson - The sports performance coach 2020/01/10, 00:29
#004: Coach Taylor Johnson - The sports performance coach

<p>Hi guys! In this episode of the ddk show we talk, once again, to Taylor Johnson. Long time listeners will be familiar with him already; he is a sports performance professional with a background in traditional sports where he worked with professional athletes at the 49ers. We talk sports performance once again, and we find out some of the things he's been getting up to, in particular, his involvement in a summit he helped to organise that is focused on research around esports performance.</p> <div>This is the ddk show. If you enjoy it, subscribe on YouTube, give it 5 stars on apple podcast, follow on Spotify, support on <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>ts or simply connect with me on twitter @ddkesports. If you leave a review, on apple podcasts YouTube or twitter, consider mentioning ideas people or topics you find interesting. This is still a side project for me and the positive support really helps.</div>

#003: Soham "valens" Chowdhury - The Esports Data Scientist 2019/12/21, 21:59
#003: Soham "valens" Chowdhury - The Esports Data Scientist

<p>In this episode I speak with the ex-coach of the Boston Major winning Cloud9 CS:GO lineup, Soham "valens" Chowdhury. We go through his past at tech companies Tesla and Google before eventually moving onto full time roles in CS:GO coaching. We go over his time in Cloud9, coaching and his transition to Evil Geniuses as the Head of Data Science, effectively marrying his two passions, data and esports. This was a fantastic chat, I hope you enjoy it!</p>