The Set Up

The Set Up

Dating is hard, navigating a relationship can be even harder.
But here’s the thing… It doesn’t have to be.

The Set Up is based on a friend of mine, Maddie, who I set up - Successfully! The podcast follows Maddie’s journey from start to finish - getting over Mr. 50% to find her Mr. 100%.

You may find helpful tips in this podcast that you can apply to your own love life or you might just like listening along to this little love story.

I’ve always had an obsession with setting people up - friends, family even randoms on the dance floor! A few years ago I started studying Counselling Majoring in Relationships - and now I've brought that passion and study to the mic.

The Set Up focuses on, getting over Mr 50% (the EX), attracting the ONE, playing the game, where to meet people, how to maintain & look after yourself, from first dates to second dates, to ‘the talk’. We cover it all.